Warehowz, an online platform for on-demand warehousing and services, and Estes Express have joined efforts to maximize value to clients in the supply chain sector. Warehowz is a tech solution providing warehouse space and services to clients where they need it, when they need it. The on-demand warehouse industry is quickly becoming one of the most scalable solutions in supply chain.

Darrell Jervey, CEO of Warehowz, founded the company to be the solution he sought for his own product companies over the years. A partnership with Estes allows Warehowz to build on its own momentum with the necessary acumen of an industry titan like Estes.

Jervey says, “The Estes partnership brings validation to our growing business. They are a highly respected national player in the logistics and supply chain management market and bring with them a history of success. As their newest partner, Warehowz plans to work with them to expand our brand and improve our service offering. The support, guidance, and network that Estes offers to Warehowz is proving to be a great accelerator for our success.”

The on-demand warehousing industry is growing at an exponential rate, helping warehouse owners maximize their assets and allowing companies of all sizes to utilize needed space for short-term solutions. However, the greatest growth may be in the outsourcing of fulfillment to a 3PL network that Warehowz supplies.

Some estimates have on-demand warehousing valued near $25 to $26 billion within just a few years. The Warehowz platform gives clients inventory insight without requiring a whole new system unlike other on-demand platforms. Through partnerships with complimentary service providers like Estes, Warehowz is leveraging those relationships to provide a comprehensive solution to its clients.

Pat Martin, vice president of corporate sales and strategic planning at Estes, says, “On-demand warehousing is the next big step in the supply chain industry. The Warehowz solution is much needed and will create many revenue-generating opportunities for its customers.”

Estes, the largest privately held transportation company in the U.S, is a $5 billion corporation with over 18,000 employees and nearly 250 terminals throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Estes, through partnerships and industry expertise, delivers not just freight but innovative solutions for its clients. The Warehowz partnership and access to short-term warehousing and services will be the next step.

For more information, contact Jeff Corbett, CRO at Warehowz, jeff@warehowz.com.

How does the Warehowz on-demand warehousing platform work? Watch this video: