Warehowz response to Covid 19 virus and supply chain difficulties. These are very difficult times for our country and our businesses. Warehowz is monitoring the situation and has been hard at work to provide solutions that are flexible, easy to procure, and reliably managed. Click here to see our joint News Release with our partners

Leading the On-Demand Warehousing and
Fulfillment Technology Revolution

The WAREHOWZTM cloud based software lets you tap into our network of innovative warehouses and their services

So what exactly is on-demand warehousing
and fulfillment?

Well, first and foremost it's a marketplace
Warehouses list space and services they can offer
when they have availability, where they have availability
Businesses search for warehouse space and services
when they need it, and where they need it
It’s also a Management and Communication Tool!
Imagine if you could know…
Exactly which of your products have been received, processed and dispatched and which of your requests are being actioned across all the warehouses in your network on one simple software platform
Scalable & Flexible Solutions
Cost Efficient Services
Experienced Operations Team
Okay Got it! But who needs On-Demand Warehousing and Why?
Businesses who need extra storage space FAST
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E-Commerce companies that want to ship cost effectively
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Businesses (often Startups) with uncertain growth forecasts
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Businesses that are highly seasonal
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Learn more about using Warehowz.com to find warehouse space and services by watching the video below
Hang On! What’s in it for the Warehouses?
Great question! We find there are 4 main reasons warehouses are interested in our platform
Free Space = Lost Revenue
New client exposure
Diversify industry risk
Simplify client communication
Free Space = Lost Revenue
There is a lot of underutilized equipment, labor and space out there.
For example, there is 1-4 Billion square feet of empty warehouse space in the US right now.
That represents a lot of extra profit and opportunity for warehouses to tap into by listing their space on Warehowz.com.
Learn more about using Warehowz.com to monetize your empty warehouse space by watching the video below