Latest Trends in Warehousing Technology

Technology continues to be an influential element for warehouses to maintain efficient operations. But with the advent of technology, it has become difficult to predict what lies ahead. Still, the entrance of intelligent warehousing solutions comes down to the proper integration of advanced solutions. It is no secret that navigating warehousing operations can be challenging, and in manual warehouse processes, human errors are often inevitable. Keeping that in mind, here are the tech solutions that can help make warehousing operations seamless and errorless:


  • Automated Inventory Control Solutions
    Paired with inventory tags, automated inventory control solutions help warehouses save time. In fact, these solutions allow warehouses to synthesize critical data faster. It also makes it easier to render accurate and real-time reporting for quick remote access.


  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
    Integrating automated guided vehicles or AGVs has become the best way for warehouses to optimize storage and data retrieval processes. As a technology, AGVs continue to evolve and help warehouses maintain high structural integrity. Consequently, they can make warehouse operations safer, save on manual labor costs, and help yield a higher ROI.


  • Collaborative Robots – Cobots
    As of 2022, autonomous robotic technologies are in the spotlight for increasing efficiency and
    convenience. But implementing advanced autonomous robotic solutions come at a high price point. It is one of the main reasons warehouses now gravitate towards cobots or collaborative robots.
    Cobots are autonomous and designed to integrate with existing technologies without forcing
    warehouses to make significant changes. With Cobots, warehouses can maintain optimized workflow and leverage various autonomous elements without changing the infrastructure design and operational processes from the ground up.


  • Automated Picking Tools
    With automated picking tools, warehouses don’t have to deal with error-filled picking and ensure
    accurate picking rates. And all it takes for warehouses is to integrate picking automation elements into their workflow. In automated picking tools, warehouses can now leverage voice order picking, pick-to-light, and robotic order picking solutions.


  • Warehouse Management Systems
    Warehouse Management Systems or WMSs are dedicated systems that allow warehouses to centralize critical data into a single platform and make accessible parameters for supply chain members and internal teams. With WMSs, warehouses can compartmentalize data and access instant reports to ensure efficient operational planning. WMSs also flawlessly work with other automated solutions.


Key Takeaways

Smart and tech-driven warehouses no longer need a comprehensive overhaul to ensure efficient operations. In the quest to make your warehousing operations smart, you no longer have to depend on
traditional and redundant tactics. Instead, adapt attractive technologies to optimize all warehousing processes and track activities 24/7.