Today, companies operate in a competitive and dynamic environment to survive and thrive. Most companies now redesign their core warehouse functionalities to deliver the best results and maintain a strong position in the market. A well-designed and robust warehouse management solution is integral to sustaining optimal performance. One emerging technology that continues to transform inventory management is RFID or radio-frequency identification. Using RFID technology for inventory management is highly beneficial for companies.

Benefits of Using RFID Technology for Inventory and Material Management

RFID technology allows enterprises to cut back on high labor costs and ensure faster scanning. RFID tags
have become a new standard for efficient inventory management. On top of faster scanning and heightened visibility, using RFID technology improves the tracking consistency of returnable assets. RFID tags don’t need a clear line of sight to scan barcodes. Instead, you can read these tags in different orientations and situations to improve inventory visibility.

With RFID technology, you can track a wide range of assets in the supply chain process and improve visibility across inventory locations. RFID technology makes counting, check-ins, and verifying shipments easier through automated processes. It eliminates the need to scan and process tags manually.

RFID Technology in Warehouse Operations

Whether you use a passive or active RFID inventory management system, the warehouse workflow can support both configurations. RFID tag comes into play before sending a shipment to a warehouse. You can attach an RFID chip or tag to the whole pallet or a specific item, which stores essential information.

When shipments arrive, an RFID tag or a chip transmits information to readers in the warehouse. Typically, warehouses place these readers across storage and receiving areas to get the best signal. After that, transmitted data through electromagnetic waves is passed to the central Warehouse Management System.

Subsequently, you can modify this transmitted information and use it for recall purposes. With RFID technology, warehouse operations gain the ability to take care of tasks like advanced inventory transactions and real-time asset counts.

RFID Improves Inventory and Material Accuracy

Research shows that using RFID technology improves inventory accuracy by over 10%. Besides, using RFID inventory management systems make more sense than legacy inventory tracking programs that only support specific situations.

RFID is a wondrous technology if you want to manage inventory and material effortlessly. Whether it’s fixed assets or assets that the company ultimately wants to sell, using RFID technology offers several benefits for inventory management.