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It’s time, your virtual tour is on the way!

Warehowz has partnered with Threshold 360 to help our Howzers capture a virtual tour of their warehouse to help them showcase their space and provide them with a competitive edge when competing for projects.

When selecting a quote, our Depozitors will see a 360° icon within quotes submitted by Howzers that have a virtual tour that they can review and learn more about the warehouse.

What’s a virtual tour?

Our virtual tours are a sequence of static 360° photos where a user can look all around and jump forward and backward within a space. Our tours start with auto-play, a video like feature, where a user can passively experience the tour – but it’s not actually video, just our magic tech! You can click and take over the tour at anytime.

What should I expect?

Upon purchasing, you will receive a notification letting you know a representative from Threshold 360 will be in touch to schedule one of their Certified Creators to meet you at your location at your chosen day & time. No major staging is required. Your staff can be present, and you can conduct business as usual. The virtual tour processing includes advanced privacy management and facial blurring to ensure the anonymity.

A typical warehouse capture takes 90 minutes while smaller organizations can take as little as 30 minutes. Creators use a handheld 360° camera and a tripod. Upon scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with follow-up communications leading up to your appointment to help you prepare.

What’s the cost?

You will receive the partner discounted annual rate of just $495. This partner benefit is sponsored by Warehowz because we know that 360º content can greatly increase your chances of being selected for projects. We are confident that these virtual tours will increase Depozitor engagement and, ultimately, will help drive more business to your warehouse.

Let’s get started on creating a virtual tour experience!

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If you represent multiple locations that you would like us to capture, you must purchase and book an individual appointment for each location.

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