On-demand warehousing is one of the most talked-about supply chain trends this year.

Among all the news on supply chain trends over the past 12 months, what caught your attention? Our most-read posts on LinkedIn provides part of the answer.

The concept of on-demand warehousing moved into 2019 buoyed by a flurry of publicity on its promise and position for takeoff. Throughout the year, we have used our company page on LinkedIn to chronicle its continued rise, comment on industry news and supply chain trends, share market research, and — yes — talk quite a bit about our own cloud-based, on-demand warehousing platform. And, as it turns out, the latter tended to generate the most interest among readers like yourself.

Based on our stats, here’s what you liked to read (and watch).

Warehowz’s top 10 LinkedIn posts capture supply chain trend

1. Video: How can your business leverage our cloud-based on-demand warehousing platform

And the winner is … a post that gets right to the heart of what Warehowz does. In the video, we show how our platform can help businesses introduce important features such as scalability, shock resistance, and agility into their supply chains. In essence, the Warehowz platform helps you gain access to the space and services you need, when you need them. 

Watch the video here.

2. Press: Warehowz, a technology platform for on-demand warehousing, now has 500 locations in its network

A late entry sailed nearly all the way to the top of our list. This December feature story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on our growing business not only made our day but also garnered a lot of interest on LinkedIn. After working hard all year, we were grateful for the great publicity and support.

Read the story here.

3. Blog: Estes partnership paves way for client access to cross-docking facilities

October was a particularly exciting month for Warehowz as we entered into a partnership with Estes Express, a $5 billion powerhouse that delivers freight and a range of LTL solutions in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But most of all, the partnership spelled good news for our clients which explains why it became one of our top posts.

Read more about the partnership here.

4. Video: How to maximize warehouse space with on-demand warehousing

On-demand warehousing emerged precisely to address one of the most challenging aspects of warehouse management in a time of rapid change — how to keep warehouse utilization high throughout the year. Quite a few of you have now watched the video in which we explain how warehouse operators can leverage on-demand warehousing to transform unused space into revenue.

Watch the video here.

5. Press: And the winner of the High Growth category is…Warehowz!

In October, Warehowz clinched a top rvAwesome Founders award in recognition of its potentially significant impact on the regional economy of Richmond, Va. We were humbled to be recognized by this great venture community and thankful you wanted to read about it. As we like to point out, it is the team that makes us great and gets the job done.

Read more about the winners here.

6. Graphic: The optimal mixture of warehousing solutions depends on the business

What does the ideal portfolio of warehousing solutions look like for a startup? That was the question that our graphic — a bag packed with on-demand warehousing and leased warehouses — attempted to answer. Regardless of the size of your business, you can leverage on-demand warehousing to achieve supply chain flexibility. It’s a supply chain trend that’s here to stay.

View more graphics and read the blog post here.

7. Blog: Airbnb for warehousing is not like booking a vacation rental. Here’s why.

“Airbnb for warehousing” is a phrase so commonly used that it pops up as a search option in Google. And although there are key similarities between the two concepts, the analogy is, in reality, more complex. In this popular post, we explain why Airbnb for warehousing does not really capture what on-demand warehousing means or how businesses can wield warehouse space as a competitive tool.

Get the full story here.

8. Blog: How CRE brokers can groom leads with an on-demand warehousing partner

On the surface, it may seem that CRE brokers, who specialize in long-term warehouse leases, and on-demand warehousing, which fills a need in the marketplace for short-term space, are not a natural fit. But CRE brokers can actually benefit from adding on-demand warehousing as a tool in their portfolio of services, as it helps to groom leads for future business. It was clearly a topic our readers wanted to learn more about.

Read it all here.

9. Graphic: Take a look at the stats…finding warehouse space should not be a challenge

Twenty times the distribution footprint of Amazon. Four billion square feet of available space inside existing warehouses. Those were just two of the stats we shared back in July to show the potential of on-demand warehousing — and enough of you paid attention to squeeze this update into the top. The accompanying blog post — “Change made easy: On-demand warehousing explained” — also marked the premiere of our blog.

Read the blog post here and, for more stats, take a look here.

10. News: The Battle for Amazon Prime Day is on

Among all our news updates, it took an Amazon headline to make it into the top 10. We suspect it wasn’t the article itself but the question that we shared with the post that brought the views: “What can you do to get your products to your customers quicker while maintaining full brand control? Hint: check out on-demand warehousing.”

Read the article here and find more insights on the trends that drive brand control in shipping here.

What will rise to the top in 2020? You decide.

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In the meantime: Happy New Year!

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