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We now have over 50 warehouses in the Atlanta metro area using our digital marketplace to provide a quote for your warehousing needs. And we find you the lowest rate guaranteed.

We are a hybrid between a warehouse search engine and a marketplace (like AirBnB for warehousing). All Atlanta warehouses listing their space with us have been fully vetted by our stringent onboarding process.

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We enable companies seeking warehouse space and related services (“Depozitors”) to search our network of over 2600 fully vetted, professional warehouses (“Howzers”) for the solution that best matches their specific needs.

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Our technology makes it faster and simpler to match a Depozitor with a Howzer, and then provides a transactional platform that simplifies and digitizes all “post-search” steps.

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Our platform operates within a Howzer’s existing WMS, and drives payment simplicity by allowing automatic payment processing with reduced AP resources.

As one of the nation’s largest and most important logistical hubs, there are a lot of reasons why your company might need on-demand warehouse storage in Atlanta. Fortunately, Warehowz is here to help, connecting you with an extensive network of fulfillment and warehousing partners. We ensure that you have the added capacity and related capabilities you need to scale up as quickly as possible to avoid a disruption disaster. Our solution makes it easy to find industrial warehouse space throughout the city and outlying areas without having to worry about hitching yourself to long-term leases or heavy brokerage fees. We’re the best place to look when you need 3PL in Atlanta.

What You Can Find Through Us

Being able to boost your capabilities at a moment’s notice is crucial in today’s marketplace. Getting your goods into customers’ hands as quickly as humanly possible is no longer a perk — it’s the expectation. This is why finding on-demand warehousing and fulfillment services through our marketplace can be a powerful differentiator for your organization. Although specific services available may change depending on availability and location, some examples of what you’ll find through us include, but are not limited to:

With access to the large network of available warehouse facilities we have in the area, we can be your one-stop shop for solving just about any short-term or longer-term logistical challenge you have. Some of the issues we can help you resolve include:

  • Market expansion
  • E-commerce and fulfillment execution
  • Increased distribution footprint
  • Seasonal overflow inventory
  • Reverse logistics
  • Disaster response
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Drayage issues

Benefits of Warehowz

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor or manufacturer, we have a lot to offer you. No matter what industry you’re in, we can help you transform your supply chain and keep up with your competition. Best of all, there are no lengthy contracts or fees. To find out more about what we have to offer, get in touch with us today and start enjoying advantages such as:

  • Time savings: Find warehousing in just a few days
  • Integration: Our software fits right into your existing WMS
  • Agility: Keep up with the speed of the marketplace
  • Trust: Our experts will work with you every step of the way
  • Simple payments: Automatically process your payments with reduced A/P
  • Visibility: See your inventory and invoice data across multiple warehouses

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