Getting started

How do I sign up?

To sign up as a warehouse partner on our platform click on “list space” on the Warehowz home page and you will be guided through the sign-up process.

How do I list my warehouse facilities on the platform?

Within the Warehouse Operator application click on “create new listing”. Once you’re on this page you can watch a tutorial on how to list your warehouse.

What does it mean to publish a warehouse?

Publishing a warehouse listing means that it become searchable on the Warehowz platform. Certain key information in your warehouse listing such a street address, business name, phone numbers etc. are masked until a client has actually sent you a formal project specification. When you publish a warehouse, you are telling clients about your facility and the services you can offer out of it. You are also estimating how much space you currently have available so that clients can see if it’s worth talking to you about their project. While you will not be held to your availability estimates, please do your best to keep these numbers up to date.

Do you still need help listing your warehouse?

Reach out to our team for assistance in guiding you through this process.

Doing a deal

How will clients find my warehouse?

Clients search through the database of published warehouse listings using several filters. If your published facility has the capabilities requested by a client it will appear in their search. They will then look at the description of your facility, review the pictures and your standard rates. If they like what they see they will send you a description of their project (a project spec) and you can start a conversation with them.

What is a project spec?

A project spec is a form in which the client provides an overview of an upcoming warehouse job. It includes details on:

  • The client
  • The products
  • Product loading and offloading requirements
  • Product storage requirements
  • Value added service requirements such as labelling, kitting etc.

The purpose of the project spec is to eliminate the first several conversations between a warehouse and a client by asking all of the standard questions that a warehouse needs to know upfront in order to ascertain whether they can assist a client.

The project spec is promising, now what?

Once a warehouse receives and reviews a project and decides they are interested, they can message back and forth with the client to ask any final questions which will enable them to quote on the job. If the client accepts the quote, the warehouse and the client can proceed to signing a contract online.

Managing a project

How do we communicate with the client during a project?

You will exchange order and shipment data with the client through the platform. You can also exchange messages through the platform.

How will we get paid?

During the contracting period the warehouse and the client agree to a rate card which specifies the charge per activity the client agrees to pay. Then during each billing period the warehouse operator will use the billing tool on the platform to specify the volume of each activity you performed for your client and the rates that were agreed. This will kick off the online payment process at the end of the billing period and automatically move money from the clients account to your linked account.

How does Warehowz make money?

Warehowz only makes money when both the client and warehouse have benefitted from our services. We charge one fee to the client and one fee to the warehouse.

First Warehowz charges Warehouse Operators a transaction fee of 5% for the use of our platform. This is because Warehowz has helped the warehouse operator fill their vacant warehouse space with a client and is providing the software to ensure the deal runs smoothly. Many warehouse operators absorb this fee by discounting their prices because they have saved significantly on business development costs.

Second Warehowz charges the client a transaction fee of 5% for the use of the platform. This is because the platform helped the client find short term variable space within high quality warehouses converting their fixed costs to variable costs.

The Warehouse Operator uses the platform billing tool to kick off the payment process. Both the Warehouse Operator fee and the Client fee are automatically added to the bill during this process.

Please note: Warehowz reserves the right to change the transaction fees for future projects at its sole discretion. Both client and Warehouse Operator will be notified ahead of time of such a change.


Is the Warehowz software a WMS?

No. We have the firm belief that there are many excellent WMS providers available and that the world doesn’t need another one. Operating two WMS systems within your warehouse is duplicative and Warehowz believes there is a better way.

This is why the Warehowz software focuses on solving problems in two major areas. First, we help clients find and contract for short term variable space and pay for it. Second, we help manage/control these short-term projects by moving order and shipment data between clients and warehouses and providing a consolidated view of operations.

Do I need to integrate my WMS with the Warehowz software?

The default option for the Warehowz platform is to move order and shipment data via flat file. No integration is required. We will be rolling out API’s to certain key WMS partners in future – stay tuned for developments here.